Global Expertise

We are a multicultural firm experienced working with international parties.

In addition to partnering on international cases, our international work includes:

Advising on U.S. law

The U.S. uses a federal system based on common law. We can help decode this system and advise on the laws of New York & New Jersey as well as federal law.

Pre-judgment litigation assistance

Your litigation may be elsewhere, but you may still wind up in U.S. courts to produce documents or testimony under U.S. discovery rules, or to obtain an injunction.

Enforcing foreign judgments

As a global financial center, New York has become a prime destination for enforcing foreign judgments. We advise on actions to enforce and execute on international arbitration awards and foreign court judgments.


We work with law firms in England, Mexico and Peru and can assemble strong teams that are multilingual and experienced across different legal systems.


With every year, the world grows more connected.

The business world is no exception. Companies from all over the Americas find themselves needing New York counsel . . . don’t wait until it’s too late.