Cannabusiness Legal Services

We work as outside general counsel to businesses legally operating in the cannabis industry

Regulatory Compliance

  • Plant-touching and non-touching businesses must comply with a web of state and federal laws. We can assist with:

  • - meeting state licensing requirements
  • - paying federal and state taxes
  • - complying with municipal regulations
  • - meeting environmental and zoning requirements
  • - complying with labor law

  • Proudly serving the legal cannabis industry since 2015

    Serving the Northeast

    New Jersey has permitted the medical use of marijuana since 2010, but has had some of the most restrictive rules in the country. Since 2018, the legislature has been working on a bill to legalize cannabis for adult recreational use. The state's Medical Marijuana Program is overseen by the Department of Health and, as of early 2019, 12 companies hold licenses to operate Alternative Treatment Centers ("ATCs").

    In 2014, New York authorized the sale of cannabis for medical use. There are currently ten registered organizations dispensing cannabis regulated by the Department of Health. Governor Cuomo has backed a proposal to legalize cannabis for adult recreational use in 2019.

    In 2012, Massachusetts legalized medical marijuana. Following a 2016 ballot, it legalized the recreational use of cannabis. In 2017, oversight of the state's marijuana industry (including medical use) was entrusted to the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). The first recreational dispensaries opened to the public in 2018. As of early 2019, over 50 facilities dispense marijuana for medical or recreational (or dual) use.

    Licensed in


    New York

    New Jersey

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    states permitting recreational use (as of Jan. 2019)


    states permitting medical use (as of Jan. 2019)

    Please be aware that the legal picture regarding the cannabis industry is both complex and changing. In particular, the possession, consumption, and distribution of cannabis is barred under federal law, while individual states are now creating their own legal frameworks. The interplay between these different regimes is far from settled, and businesses operating in this industry take on an element of risk. We can help to mitigate that risk by advising you on the state of the law, but we cannot advise you to break the law.